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Doctor Who - 1.2
Chapter 1.2
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
“I should know. It’s mine,” he said.
Maddie immediately protested, “The fuck it is! I found it!”
“Good for you. Thanks for bringing it here. Now if you’re not going to be any help, just go away.” He gestured behind him at the front door. “Leave”
“If you want it, you’re going to have to fight me!” she shouted, backing away and planting herself right in front of the TARDIS.
At that he cracked a smile. “Kids these days,” he muttered before walking away. “You know it was a strike of luck that brought you this far,” he said over his shoulder as he walked, “But I’m willing to bet you have no idea how to fly one of those, do you now?”
“I’ll learn,” she muttered through gritted teeth, but he was out of earshot. She
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Doctor Who - 1.1
Chapter 1.1
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
130 years later
It was going to be nice and simple. No notes, no goodbyes, nothing, just a clean getaway. With any luck Maddie would be gone from this place no more than ten minutes from now. She looked around the room, going over her mental checklist. Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush. Essential clothing. Just the necessary stuff, nothing extra. She glanced at the doorway, briefly wondering if her parents would even notice she was gone. No matter, her mind was made up. It was time for her to have a life of her own. Zipping up her backpack and slinging it over her shoulder, she cracked the window, the wind blowing long strands of her brown hair in her face. She’d climbed out onto the roof of the ground floor countless times, but if everything worked the way she planned, this would be the last time. She took a deep breath before cl
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Doctor Who - Prologue
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
It started with a low rumbling. Nothing Sophia could hear, not yet anyway. But she could feel it. It reached in and pulled her from her dreams, not that she’d been dreaming much anyway, but still. She blinked hard, trying to fight away the sheets, her thoughts still only half-formed. What had woken her up? She sighed, her eyes starting to close when she felt it again.
“Uh?” she grumbled, sitting up. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness. Now there was a sound too. It sounded like… like glass. Rattling glass. The windows! She whipped her head towards the dark windowpanes of her bedroom. She couldn’t tell if they were shaking, but the sound seemed to confirm it.
“Earthquake,” she hissed, scrambling out of bed. She winced, the floor icy cold against her bare feet as she raced across the room. “Ma?&
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Noah and Maddie by mjeleon Noah and Maddie :iconmjeleon:mjeleon 0 0 Home by mjeleon Home :iconmjeleon:mjeleon 1 1 Landing by mjeleon Landing :iconmjeleon:mjeleon 0 0 Flight by mjeleon Flight :iconmjeleon:mjeleon 0 0
WRITING is the best therapy.
But sometimes.
Sometimes I wish you were psychic.
Then again.
Maybe not.
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I love to hate you.
I love to hate you because then, I don't have to hate myself.
I love to hate you because it means that you are the one who's fucked up.
The one who's a lousy friend.
The one who just flat out sucks.
Because what kind of friend is always busy
And never has time for the people
He claims to care about?
What kind of friend lets text messages pile up, like unopened letters left on the rug?
What kind of friend forces you to beg and plead for a spare second of his time?
Only, maybe that isn't the whole truth.
Maybe I lied.
So maybe I forgot to mention that I'm different from other people.
That I've turned you into my own special brand of heroin to shoot up whenever I have the chance.
That I use you, consume you, devour you so that I'm the only one that matters.
I never meant to hurt anyone.
I promise.
I just…
I just loved myself more!
Is that such a crime?
I just wanted to feel like someone gave a shit!
Like if I leapt off a cliff, someone would care!
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Mature content
Little Mouse :iconmjeleon:mjeleon 0 2
MOAR EYES by mjeleon MOAR EYES :iconmjeleon:mjeleon 0 0 Speechless by mjeleon Speechless :iconmjeleon:mjeleon 0 1 Do You Wish We'd Fall In Love? by mjeleon Do You Wish We'd Fall In Love? :iconmjeleon:mjeleon 0 2 I'm Counting The Seconds by mjeleon I'm Counting The Seconds :iconmjeleon:mjeleon 0 0 The Test of Time by mjeleon The Test of Time :iconmjeleon:mjeleon 0 2 Can't Stop Thinking of... by mjeleon Can't Stop Thinking of... :iconmjeleon:mjeleon 0 0


Tally Youngblood Recolor by AnywhereButReality Tally Youngblood Recolor :iconanywherebutreality:AnywhereButReality 66 19 Pretties Alternate Book Cover by grrgrowlhiss Pretties Alternate Book Cover :icongrrgrowlhiss:grrgrowlhiss 4 3 100 days of miniature fruit and vegetables by PetitPlat 100 days of miniature fruit and vegetables :iconpetitplat:PetitPlat 936 57 Bubblegum bitch by LittleGooseGirl Bubblegum bitch :iconlittlegoosegirl:LittleGooseGirl 10 2 Read Mias and Elle here: by StressedJenny Read Mias and Elle here: :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 760 33 Mias and Elle Prologue: Page 03 by StressedJenny Mias and Elle Prologue: Page 03 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 1,190 60 How I paint Lips by rika-dono How I paint Lips :iconrika-dono:rika-dono 7,237 112 sunset by loish sunset :iconloish:loish 8,905 170 Cat and Flu by loish Cat and Flu :iconloish:loish 6,784 144 visages by loish visages :iconloish:loish 13,528 278 MC - you are such a dork by Eeba-ism MC - you are such a dork :iconeeba-ism:Eeba-ism 219 70 70 ... by sigeel 70 ... :iconsigeel:sigeel 678 378 SYAC - Self Aware by TomPreston SYAC - Self Aware :icontompreston:TomPreston 1,214 0 Mias and Elle Prologue: Page 01 by StressedJenny Mias and Elle Prologue: Page 01 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 1,731 250 Disney + Ghibli + Dreamworks brotherhood by Hyung86 Disney + Ghibli + Dreamworks brotherhood :iconhyung86:Hyung86 4,009 294



1) Be honest with your answers. Unless you're honest; you're not going to know whether or not your character is a Sue.

That's the only rule. There will be lots of questions to be answered which all have their own little category. Afterwards, add all the points that you earned from each question and check out your result. This was not meant to offend anyone so I apologize if you're offended. This was meant to help people. Anyways, feel free to add this into your journal and have fun answering the questions.

(found this little quiz in ~Aruru-Linn's journal ( and copy/pasted it here by the way, I did NOT come up with it… still, it was a lot of fun to fill out ^^)


What is the name of your character?
Mary Davis

Does your character's name have some kind of special meaning? [2 points if yes]


What is/are the main fandom(s) your character is in? [3 points if in more then 1]
Supernatural (TV show)


Is your character unusually attractive? [3 points]
Nope, totally regular =P

Does your character have some type of unusual characteristic? (ie. Cat ears, cat tail, unusual eye color, Unusual hair colors [firey red, blue, white, green, rainbow, purple and pink all count]) [4 points. 5 extra for Cat features if the character is in anime fandom]
Nope, she's blonde with blue eyes, normal colors

Does your character's clothing resemble any canon character's? [2 points]
DEFINITELY no… in fact, she pretty much wears the complete opposite ^^

Does your character have animal characteristics? [Bat wings, animal ears, animalistic body ect...] [2 point]
LOL, no… that would be funny to see though XD


Is your character from a place that the fandom doesn't take place in? [3 points]

Is your character a demon? [3 points]

Is your character related to a demon? [2 points]

Is your character related to a supreme being? (ie, god/goddess, Satan, angels ect...) [6 points]

Is your character a supreme being? (Same as above) [6 points]
Nooo >.<

Does your character practice witch craft? [2 points]
No, and if she ever tried she would epic fail at it.

Can your character change form? [2 points]

Affair with canons:

Is your character in love with a canon?

If so: who?
Can't say!!! Total spoiler x.x

Are they romantically involved? [4 points]
Um… yeah…

Do they end up having kids? [4 points]
I don't think so, but I haven't really decided yet. Leaning towards no at the moment, but just in case I'll give myself 2 points.

Did they get married? [2 points]
Again, I'm really not sure… I don't think so, but that might change in the future, so I'll take a point for that.

Do they have flaws in their relationship? [Not worth any points]
YES… mainly with her… she's not good with "real" relationships >.<

Are there other canons who lust over your character? [4 points. Extra 3 if more then one canon lusts after your character]
NO WAY… hahaha, definitely definitely no.

Is your character related to any of the canons by blood? [2 points]
Yup… to the main characters actually… I KNOW I KNOW, SHAME ON ME :(

Is your character in love with more then one canon? [2 points]
Nope. She falls in love with at least one OC, but no more canons.

Has your character had past romantic relationships with other canons? [7 points]
Same answer.

Does your character hate any of the canon characters and wishes to hurt/kill them? [6 points]
Nope,  she doesn't hate anyone, I don't think… ESPECIALLY not enough to kill them… she's too petty for that >.<


Has your character ever been involved with prostitution/drugs/child abuse/rape? [4 points]

Has your character had any tragedy in her past? [5 points]
Technically yes, even though she doesn't remember. As the sister of Sam and Dean Winchester (I knowww… total Sue background… I couldn't help it!), there's the whole "Mom-died-in-the-fire" thing, so I guess I'd have to take the 5 points for that.

14… WOW I GOT ANTI-SUE… really? I thought she was going to be a total sue… yay! :D :D :D

56-88= Uber sue; I'm sorry but your character is a total sue. Try not to make your character too powerful or too attractive. Maybe give your character some flaws and you can be sure to have an OC. Keep on developing your character; he/she has a lot potential.
41-55= Mary Sue. Your character is rough around the edges but with a little more polishing then your character will become a loveable OC. Maybe either give your character more or less flaws. Try to make them a bit more believeable and you will have an OC.
29-40= You have a very well balanced character. Good job on having a true OC.
20 and under= Anti sue. Why are you taking this?
  • Reading: Outliers
  • Watching: Commercials &gt;.&lt;


Maria Jose E
Words that describe me:

loopy - obsessive - lazy - procrastinator - writer - reader

I have weird dreams >.< I REALLY value comments on my work :D I want to be a writer, some day, but in the meantime I write random drabbles for fun ^^ and... that's that, I suppose =P


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